Ruichi and Damei work together to create the Oriental beauty of "hidden as if present"

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You have seen a building with a German modern style appearance, but with a Chinese heart. Have you ever thought that the fabric used for clothing is used for wall decoration? A seemingly closed wall, but a "hidden door"? Those green plants full of life can be confused with the real However, all of these are truly presented in the Delta Center, which is known as "another new high-end business landmark of CBD east expansion area in Beijing". One autumn afternoon, we had the honor to interview Mr. Zhao Shu, the designer of the project, to explore his original design inspiration


Design is not an overnight process, it takes a long time. However, it took only three months for the center to fully present the elegant and comfortable environment in front of people. At the beginning of the original design, Mr. Zhao Shu decided to use a piece of white paper to expand infinite imagination, so that the shadow of the East flows naturally from the bottom of his heart, to achieve the impression of the East in the space, but there is no Oriental realm. Maybe it's the accurate positioning in the heart that makes it so fast.



MING chair

ERIC椅、ENZO茶几Eric chair, Enzo coffee table  When we talk about whether designers' thinking will be "kidnapped" by the market or customers, and whether it is to cater to or need to be led, Mr. Zhao Shu said: "from the perspective of designers, sometimes it seems to cater to, in fact, it is a kind of lead. After all, it all comes down to mentality. Good mentality, always a kind of leading. Because the most important thing is to be yourself. " "Be yourself!" Isn't that also in line with the principle of Ruichi? I think the real fate of designers and brands is not only the first eye, but also the understanding and inner resonance of design.  White light curtain, light green bamboo, elegant and nimble are like Chinese paintings on rice paper. They don't deliberately exaggerate the beauty of the East in appearance, but they are permeated with oriental charm in their bones. Why is the eastern impression so impressing here? When we understand Mr. Zhao's intention, we can't help but praise him. It turns out that bamboo is not natural, but he carefully smoothed it out one by one, so that the emotions from the heart melt into it, and slowly flow out the "hidden like the appearance" of the Oriental meaning. It seems like a simple stroke, but it becomes the focus of the whole design

  Oriental beauty has a delicate feeling like flowing clouds and water, with a sense of indifference and self-respect. The real Oriental beauty is just such a quiet but not urgent, which is presented lightly in simplicity. The designer divides the space by function, endows them with different images with different elements, but finally solidifies in the temperament of Oriental beauty.

NOBLE骄椅NOBLE pride chair

CRESCENT沙发、VAST柔石休闲椅、ELEMENT茶几CRESCENT Sofa、VAST Soft stone leisure chair、ELEMENT Tea table

The flash of new ideas in the design always adds some interest to the space. When visiting with Mr. Zhao Shu, we learned more about the humanized design of Damei. For example, in order to make people avoid the "door of the secret room" when inconvenient, the "clothing fabric" decorated on the wall, and the "green plant" which allows people to enjoy the green but not bother to take care of it. The inspiration of these creative designs is more from the pursuit of comfortable life and care for details.

HENRY桌、MING椅、VILLA柜Henry table, Ming chair, villa cabinet

CRESCENT沙发、MOODIE沙发、FRAME茶几Create sofa, Moodie sofa, frame coffee table

CRESCENT床、VENUS休闲椅Create bed, Venus lounge chair

Mr. Zhao Shu said: "we don't think about Oriental elements deliberately, but give the most oriental charm. There is no painting in the design because it is a painting in itself. " This is also as Ms. Wang Yanning, Ruichi's brand operation director, once expressed: "the highest realm of Oriental culture is to resonate with people's hearts in the casual natural expression. Ruichi, like damie, penetrates the beauty of life into every detail. " I think it comes from the pursuit of life and design from the heart, which makes Ruichi and Delta Center find more resonance. This may be the secret of the elegant oriental beauty created by both sides!

锐驰品牌运营总监王艳宁女士与设计师赵树先生Ms. Wang Yanning, brand operation director of Ruichi and Mr. Zhao Shu, designer  About the designer: Zhao Shu, space designer, host of design, founder of Weimei culture, creative director, Bensheng display partner.

About camera (Ruichi): camera (Ruichi) is a high-end furniture brand with an international vision, focusing on creating a high-quality "modern lifestyle". At present, it has four series of more than 100 products, including living room, bedroom, study and restaurant. Ruichi has always believed in the product design concept of "less is more, more is confused", and rooted the humanistic design concept in every detail of the product. As an international brand, Ruichi's marketing network has covered the world. It has opened 48 brand stores in the UK, the United States, Germany, Australia, Belgium, Singapore and other regions, and 45 stores in more than 30 cities in China, and this number is constantly updated.

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