"Elegant GUI" - Sales Office of Delta Center

Issuing time:2019-11-27 00:00

Designer: zhao shu

Design agency: Beijing Weimei cultural creativity Co., Ltd

Another Oriental temperament, "elegant and noble",

"Oriental" has a broad source of thought, a profound context and a myriad forms,

"Oriental" is also a thought in the heart, a thought between the eyebrows, invisible and boundless.

The Sales Office of Delta Center, located in Beijing, is a class a 5A commercial office building designed by a German designer. Slogan of "Dade gathers the road, seeking the environment to the beauty" highlights the strong oriental cultural context. The design idea, combining the road, producing, using, regulating, standing on the top of the world, harmonious, constant and endless. In such a space, the Oriental mood is presented. The road is simple, elegant and noble.

The moving line of the space stops at the entrance light screen wall. The guests feel quiet, peaceful and crossing, indicating that the exploration of an urban paradise is about to start.

The bronze contemporary sculpture in front of the light curtain, "Jasper and glass", is an important part of the whole art, customized by famous artists. The artistic charm of hand-made art and the simple modern space behind it are strongly contrasted, with each other, symbiosis, brand-new Oriental style and elegant and noble spirit.

It is culture that resonates with people. Linglu Hanzhi means beauty in oriental culture and China. At the same time, it is a metaphor of the place of spiritual treasure, which is pure and clean. The charm of art makes the existence of space have soul.

Light curtain, a masterpiece of contemporary technology, is reflected by the black stone on the ground. The space is exquisite and transparent, which corresponds to the entrance sculpture "Jasper and glass". There is no painting in the whole design, but there is an artistic conception of painting everywhere. Light curtain is more like a Xuan paper, and forms a dynamic contemporary Oriental painting with rich implications with bamboo and utensils in front.

Discuss the design of the exhibition area, the layout is the most important, the space is unfolded with the large group of flower art in the middle, the self-service island platform for drinks, the guests around, the atmosphere is exclusive, private and relaxed, the good place for afternoon tea, the whole area design combines the light curtain with the wall and the screen, the space is layered, the virtual and the real are generous, invite Malaysian flower arrangement artists near the flower deck, the flower art on site, for the space Add a piece of flexibility to highlight the vitality between the heaven and the earth, feeling and the entrance sculpture.

The design of VIP room starts from the entrance. It is full of Zen. The surrounding feeling created by the room furniture is the casual details that guests can discuss, rest, even date friends here. The purpose is only one, which makes people feel the scene feeling like in the middle of the stage.

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