Appreciation of award winning works

Issuing time:2019-11-27 00:00

Prize winner

Zhao shu

Project Profile:

Oriental traditional courtyard, in the future, in the current global cultural collision, it is the direction of designers to explore to radiate new vitality

The project is located in Beijing, China. It is a beautiful traditional oriental courtyard. The courtyard is on the ground, with two floors underground, facing south, back to north, and plenty of sunshine. In the Hutong where the courtyard is located, the urban ecology is still fresh.

The design vision is to pass through an existing traditional building, retaining the original architectural features, including atrium, landscape, interior and exterior. Among them, the temperature and humidity are properly controlled, the air is fresh and unaffected by the weather conditions. The building can interact with each other indoors and outdoors according to the needs and weather conditions. There is sufficient activity space, wonderful art collection, and the sun can be controlled to fill every position. The interior is self-contained.

At the beginning of the design, the traditional oriental space form of siheyuan was full of respect and appreciation, with a strong sense of crossing. Even though the social, climate, life, culture and other construction reasons at that time have changed a lot today, it can still affect you and affect you at present.

When it grows up to the present day and carries the life and culture of contemporary people, the past, the present and the future blend at this moment. This kind of "fusion" makes designers sense the source of life power and become the direction and soul of the whole design. The integration of China and the west, the integration of the world, the integration of heaven and earth, and the integration of internal and external bring infinite possibilities to future life.

Space, art and life present their own new forms

In the architectural design of the space, the construction of the huge glass canopy follows the existing architectural form, so that the whole building group is integrated, heaven and earth are integrated, free and open. The finishing touch is the opening and closing part of the atrium roof, which makes the internal and external fusion boundless and can interact with the indoor and outdoor environment at any time. Inadvertently, it changed the impact of natural factors such as regional climate on life, energy internal circulation, self integration, low carbon, environmental protection. The warm golden color in the building is the continuation of the golden color on the ground, which makes the whole building integrated, and at the same time dissolves the dull gray feeling of the original building. The joy, sunshine, lightness and delicacy fill the whole space.

In this project, the form of opening and closing roof is still in the exploration stage in civil buildings. The combination with the old building is the collision between the traditional handiwork and the modern technology, and also the highlight of the design and implementation.

The renovation of the building makes the interior design space free. The whole floor becomes a large open space, which can be controlled at will. The arrangement of the living scene is carried out around the water view of the atrium according to the requirements of sunshine conditions and interactive ways. The dining table of contemporary art can feel the afterglow of dusk, sit barefoot on the hydrophilic wooden table, read tea, and look up to the stars in the leisure area against the tropical plants Empty, underground rest layer, sunlight is introduced into the room through the bottom glass of the water feature on the first floor and the sunken garden.

At the level of "living space" and "living art", based on the Oriental life aesthetics, contemporary art, furniture, etc. integrate the global fine culture, blur the regional division of boundaries, cross the ancient and modern, and explore the world, present the great beauty of life, and praise the flexibility of life.

"Harmony" is the source of vitality and future. Based on this line, the designer completed the exploration of the work itself and experienced a rare spiritual journey.

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