Thirty three

Issuing time:2019-11-27 00:00
Blue and white

Our Idea Design for Life Modern Everlasting Oriental Still remember the private house and courtyard with amazing scenery Enjoy snow and plum flower in the winter, hear the melody from those little life in the summer Lively party with friends, also stay together with family Happy and free space for all my life House is the basic thing for a home, but it’s not a real home without people who will to live and stay. As residential building satisfy our living functions, also carrying personal dreams, record the family history and the rise and fall. Use of various elements, to arouse people's emotions into the scene. Construct a thick, humanities, a living space can be use as the inheritance of ancient. There is an amazing Chinese Qin Dynasty poetry about blue-and-white porcelain: White glazed porcelain in the fire, and flowers from inside thoroughly clear. Can be innate good nature, infinite origin of tai chi. Blue-and-white porcelain which is a symbol of Eastern culture, was design as a kind of soul in this project, coordinate with the water system in the courtyard. In eastern culture, water can feed everything all over the world, and everyone can enjoy the view of water system. More reveal its clear fair your interaction with drainage of gas, "water" good things, the gentleman we are under the influence of water. Swimming pool water mirror in space like a scroll among them, depending on the water in the state of life, continues, the water blue, mirror, heaven and earth and parlor for town, even kung, make Chiang Kai-shek atmospheric complex is much a clever. Oriental landscape painting is the originality of design conception, ‘Tree”the representative of life, one hundred male of ages. Become the home garden is fine, gas, where god was. Inheritance is abundant, assume prosperity. Under the shade of the story, everlasting, have a house, a person's story, had the past, have this life. Stone, like the bone of sky and earth. The buildings are design by the same kind of stone material, Purely like an artwork sculpt from a stone. Tree water stone……blue sky, clear water and green forest .return to the nature world, like a paint. Is our best wishes about living.

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