The private meeting of Cloud Art of all things ended successfully

Issuing time:2019-11-27 00:00

The breath of spring will always bring the unexpected beauty.

On the 36th floor of Damei center, all things · cloud, hall level music master Xi Duolang, all things · cloud space designer zhao shu and guests gathered to talk about music and architecture and share their insights on beauty and art.

"If possible, I want to live here" - hideroo

The real scene of yunyunti model room

The real scene of yunyun'an model room

Accompanied by Mr. Yang Zhicheng, vice president of delta investment, and Mr. Zhao Shu, a famous designer, the epic music master Xi Duolang visited the world cloud space, which is highly praised by the industry.

Accompanied by Mr. Yang Zhicheng, vice president of delta, the delegation visited all things · cloud

In the 3601 YUNTI model room, Mr. Xi Duolang carefully visited the whole space and marveled at the originality of the space design.

Mr. Xi Duolang appreciates the works of "new language of study"

 In front of oval's desk, master Xi Duolang has a strong interest in Lu Zhirong's tricky and delicate design, "new words of study" inkstone box, and he is very interested in assembling the stone box. In the moment when the inkstone box was closed through many "mechanisms", he was very proud and smiled like a child.

Famous designer zhao shu explains space to Mr. Xi Duolang

After the visit, Mr. Seedorf spoke highly of all things · cloud: "the perfect combination of traditional and modern beauty", and even said frankly "I want to live here".

Cloud circle of friends, sharing the essence of Art

In 3602 yun'an space, Mr. Xi Duolang and Mr. Zhao Shu held a peak dialogue on music and design with ten guests present. He confessed that his music inspiration comes from nature and is a gift to nature. The constant change of everything gives his music infinite inspiration. In the space of all things and clouds, the respect and ingenuity for the natural materials, as well as the eternal and simple beauty of the whole space are also promoted. The same pursuit makes Mr. Xi Duolang and all things · cloud have a wonderful echo.

Master private meeting held in yun'an model room

"No matter in the east or in culture, it's not made by people, but it flows naturally." Based on the unique regional culture of Beijing, and the business environment and functional orientation of Damei center, zhao shu discussed the origin of the creation of everything and cloud. According to local conditions, he defined all things and clouds as a space for gathering guests, exhibiting industry, cultivating wisdom and other functions. This private meeting is the presentation of the real scene of the future master of all things and cloud.

Master private meeting site

The wonderful speeches of Mr. Xi Duolang and Mr. Zhao Shu also aroused the strong interest of the guests present. Guests from different fields and two masters discussed the inspiration source of music and design together, and had a pleasant exchange with the masters.

Mr. Xi Duolang presents signature posters to the guests


At the climax of the private meeting, Mr. Seedorf also presented the poster of the first Chinese tour of "ancient story and universe" signed by himself to every guest on the scene.

The gift of beauty's heart

In the afternoon, Mr. Yang Zhicheng, vice president of delta investment, delivered a speech at Gallery 1, the start-up site of the music tour in China. He said: "the yearning for the integration of different cultures and the pursuit of beauty are the common demands of the music and investment of the master, so that the two sides can get together."

Mr. Yang Zhicheng, vice president of delta, presents gifts to Mr. Seedorf

On behalf of Mr. Zhang Guoli, chairman of the board of directors of delta investment, Mr. Yang also presented Mr. Xi Duolang the inkstone works of Lu Zhirong's "new words for study" collected by Delta Center.

Damei everything · cloud is committed to building the highest level of ideological dialogue and exchange platform in Beijing, providing more opportunities and possibilities for the full exchange of masters from all walks of life.

In the future, the scene of face-to-face with the master and listening to the thought feast will often be staged in the mysterious cloud environment.

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